Perches and Flyways

20 October 2023 – 21 January 2024, Humber Street Gallery

Perches and Flyways was an exhibition of ceramic bird sculptures made with participants in Hull. We worked with groups at Art Link Hull and Victoria House to make the exhibition. Creative Connections artists Lynda, Lesley, James, Shirley, Jess, Emily, Suzella, Anthony, Jess and Bill to choose bird species that are spotted in the Hull and Humber area and sculpt them and their habitats from clay, with ceramics support from  Jenn Holtridge.

Firing by Modern Clay. Workshop photos by Jenn Holtridge, Jemma Brown, Lauren Wilson, Alex Stubbs and Juneau Projects

Heart of the Moss

2023, Heart of Glass

Hear of the Moss is a publication made with local people in St Helens and Heart of Glass. The book celebrates Colliers Moss, and includes illustrations of the wildlife found there and ideas for activities on the Moss, all created by nearby residents.

Colliers Moss is an area of land in St Helens that was a spoil heap for the local coal mine and power station until the late 70s. Prior to that it was a peatland and it is currently undergoing work to restore the areas of sphagnum moss and its associated habitat.This work is being carried out by The Mersey Forest and Green Task Force

Small Creatures of Avon Meadows

2023, Meadow Arts

A trail of sculptures installed on Avon Meadows community wetlands in Pershore. We worked with Pershore Riverside Youth Centre, Meadow Arts and Wychavon District Council to create the sculptures that depict local wildlife. We ran a series of workshops for the young people from the youth centre, learning about the wildlife that lives on the meadows and making artworks inspired by the ecology of the area. The sculptures were made in wax by the young people and cast in bronze. They are located throughout the meadows.

Bronze casting by The Portable Foundry Project


2020, Creative Health

We were part of the CreateSpace project, providing workshops at Birmingham Museaum & Art Gallery and Kinver Community Library. During the lockdown period the project went online, with a focus on providing weekly activities and developing  online groups that aimed to give participants a creative outlet with a foucus on wellbeing.

We also worked on the graphic identity for the project.

Untitled (Mug) & Untitled (Vase)

2019, Royal West of England Academy

Laser cut designs on painted paper made for the RWA  Secret Postcard Auction.

Splat! Festival workshops

2019, Warwick Arts Centre and Splat! Festival

We worked with Sydenham Primary School in Leamington Spa to create a piece for their school that would also be shown at Splat! Festival. We worked with a year group (two classes), who visited the Warwirck Arts Centre sculpture trail and chose a theme of wildlife and the medium of sculpture and printing. Over six sessions the classes developed their ideas, looking closely at patterns and textures in nature, inspired by the sculptures they visited.

Rhoose Art Project

Begun 2018, currently ongoing, permanent public artwork, Studio Response & Taylor Wimpey Homes

We are currently working on a public artwork for the newly built Golwg Y Mor estate in Rhoose, Wales. We have carried out a series of workshops with people in the town which we are using as the basis for designing the artwork, which will be installed on the estate in 2020.

Put A Pebble On It

2018, participatory project, Original Projects

We worked local people in Great Yarmouth to create a range of art and craft multiples inspired by the local area, architecture and history. The products were sold at the Great Yarmouth Contemporary, an  art, craft & design fair organised by Original Projects.

Heritage Hack

2018, participatory project, Norfolk and Norwich Festival with Carlton Marshes & Flag Fen Archaeology Park

We created a Heritage Hack event for Norfolk and Norwich  Festival. The event allowed young people to to design new heritage experiences and present their ideas to Carlton Marshes and Flag Fen Archaeology Park. The participants made responses to the two sites using a range of creative techniques, from cutting, pasting and model making to augmented reality and 3d printing.

Photos courtesy of Norfolk and Norwich Festival, taken by Beth Mosely

Rain Sun Snow Hail Mist Chaos

2018, participatory installation, Mead Gallery

The project took place the weekend before the gallery closed for redevelopment. Visitors took part in a number of activities to return the space to nature. They made moss and mushroom sculptures to add to the gallery, drew on the walls while running through the smeuse ( holes made in hedgerows made by the passage of animals) structures and made pollen pom poms to add to a giant mobile. The title comes from 'Rain sun snow hail mist calm: Photoworks by Andy Goldsworthy', an exhibition that was one of the first shows at the Mead.

The Wooden Node

2018, participatory publication project, Lismore Castle Arts and Two Chairs 

We worked with participants in Lismore, Ireland and Windham, Vermont, USA, running lino printing workshops. We asked the participants to make lino-print illustrations based on a description of the narrative we were planning for the publication. The illustrations they made accompanied the text in the finished book.

Set in a world after the breakdown of technology, The Wooden Node tells the story of the spread of a new kind of fungus and how it adapts to its circumstances. The fungus begins by manipulating insects and animals and ends up shaping the actions of a whole village of people as they fall under its influence. Wooden sculptures and intelligent fungal networks meet in the landscape of the Infocalypse - the information apocalypse.

The workshops were organised with Lismore Castle Arts in Ireland, where we also held an exhibition of the prints created there, and with Two Chairs and Meadows Bee Farm in Vermont.

We were part of Creative Connections working with Ikon Gallery and schools in Birmingham

2018, school project, Ikon Gallery

We worked with The Oval school on the theme of sound, music and the World Cup. The year group visited Ikon and were particularly interested in Rie Nakajima's sound making sculptures. During our workshops the classes designed hand held rattles which they painted and assembled. The students created short performances with their rattles at school and they were also shown at Ikon along with pieces made by other schools as part of the project. The other artists involved were Sarah Taylor Silverwood, Wendy Tournay, Emily Warner and Dan Newso. 

Spinal Tappers

2018, workshop, Supersonic Festival

Visitors to the Supersonic Marketplace, held during the festival, assembled and painted their own Spinal Tapper. The rattles were then used by visitors who followed Dennis McNett's procession of costumed characters through Digbeth.

We were part of the 100 Masters project

2017, community project, Creative Black Country

The 100 Masters project celebrated people from the Black Country area who were a 'master' of their chosen field.  Masters were nominated by the local community and included artists, makers, designers, musicians, horticulturalists and athletes. During the early stages we worked on publicity for the project, creating animations that accompanied publicity material and were viewed with an augmented reality app. At the showcase event we created an exhibition of work by a selection of the masters.

Vibrobot building workshops

2017, workshops, BOM

We created a series of workshops for young people to build their own mini robot powered by a vibrating motor. Each of the four sessions had a different emphasis, such as building an environment for the robots to navigate or making drawings with the robots.

We were included in Making, A Life, a retrospective of work by Peter Hodgson, Cumbria based folk artist.

2018, Grizedale ArtsCastlefield Gallery and MIMA

The exhibition featured work in a range of media including leather, horn and ceramics by Hodgson as well as collaborations with Fernando Garcia Dory, Joe Hartley, Tom Philipson,  Laure Prouvost, An Endless Supply, Graham Taylor and ourselves. A short film by Karen Guthrie & Maria Benjamin told some of Peter's story and followed some of the processes of his working life.

We created an activity booklet that visitors made themselves by selecting and printing a range of blocks. They also made DIY crayons to carry out the activities, inspired by Peter's staunchly DIY approach to art and craft.

Make a Print, Take a Print

2017, Lasercut woodblock printing workshop, Tate Modern

We created a workshop for Late At Tate in which a large number of visitors attending the evening event could assemble their own print block from a selection of shapes and make a print.

Birds Want You To Listen To Their Songs

2017, Residency and exhibition, Cherryburn National Trust & Northern Print

We undertook a residency at Cherryburn, the birthplace of engraver Thomas Bewick. We spent time researching Bewick as well as developing ways to use lasercutting in printmaking with help from Northern Print. We took inspiration from Bewicks 'Tale-pieces', small prints used to fill spaces in his books that depicted scenes from daily life, moral fables and puzzling encounters. Working with pupils from Mickley First School and Prudhoe Castle County First School, we gathered their stories of local places and things they had found or seen there. We used this as a basis of a print knit we produced, with pieces that could be mixed and matched in different combinations. We used the kit to create a series of prints that were exhibited at Cherryburn and it was also available for visitors to try themselves.

Photos 3, 4 & 7 by Colin Davison

We were included in RevolveR bookwork

2014 - 2018

RevolveR is a series of bookworks by Sam Treadaway and Ricarda Vidal  in which artists respond in turn to a series of images, each developing from the previous.

We were included in The Festival Of Radical Fun

2017, One day event, Museum Of London

As Juneau Brothers, we performed three music gigs in different parts of the museum throughout the day. The audience were provided with materials to make their own wooden medallion while they watched the performances.

Photo 1 by Katy Davies

Toggle Momentaries

2017, Shown at Workplace, Club Ponderosa  event

A sculpture based on designs for effects pedals made for our band Juneau Brothers.

Makers of the Multiverse

2017, Spacex (offsite), Exeter

We collaborated closely with Spacex in Exeter to create a pop up shop space that sold work by artists and makers based in the area. The shop focused on affordable multiples from 50p - £50 and acted as way for makers to meet their audience and try out new methods of selling without having to pay a commission on sales.  It also hosted events and workshops from a wide range of makers who shared skills and put on  performances.

Photos on image carousel by Rhodri Cooper

This site is currently under construction - works from 2017 - 2004 will be added soon

Driving off the Spleen

2004, solo exhibition, FA Projects

Courtesy of The Zabludowicz Collection

Driving off the Spleen was Juneau Projects’ first show with FA Projects. The exhibition was structured around a radio play written by the artists that played on headphones. Sound effects from the radio play were fed out to a surround sound speaker system embedded in a series of portraits. Objects described in the radio play were displayed as the main body of the exhibition, including photographic works depicting the main characters in the narrative alongside other elements such as a painted motorcycle helmet, engraved beer bottles, an anorak embroidered with poetry and a headphone stand made of antlers.  

Motherf**king Nature

2004, solo exhibition,  by The Showroom

Motherf**king Nature was Juneau Projects’ first solo show, at the Showroom, London. The exhibition was a large-scale installation structured around a series of sculptures incorporating videos of performances.

The Beauty Royale from  Motherf**king Nature  at The Showroom, 2004

My Wretched Heart is Still Aglow from  Motherf**king Nature  at The Showroom, 2004

A Rich Future is Still Ours

2003, video 4 mins, commissioned by Vivid

A Rich Future is Still Ours documents contact microphones being fed through a paper shredder, the sound of the video coming directly from the sound recorded by the microphones.

Ban This! The Remix

2003, performance, commissioned by Vivid

This performance consisted of Juneau Projects reinterpreting songs recorded as part of the Ban This! (see below) project in which young people were invited to write and record lyrics to backing tracks written by the artists. 

Ban This!

2003, project and installation, commissioned by Grizedale Arts

Ban This! was part of Grizedale Arts Roadshow touring programme. Young people were invited to write and record their own lyrics to backing tracks written by Juneau Projects and were given a CD to take away of their recording. 

Photo by Polly Braden, Grizedale Arts Roadshow 2003

I am Swimming through Pools of Cool Water

2003, performance, commissioned by Grizedale Arts

One mobile phone calls another in close proximity and sets up a feedback loop between the two handsets. The feedback is fed to a laptop and processed; key pad tones are added from each phone to create a musical composition. The performance culminates with one of the phones being destroyed with a blow torch, thus ending the phone call and the sound loop created.

Like Waking ...

2002, video installation, commissioned by Grizedale Arts

The central element of Like Waking… is video documentation of a performance in which Juneau Projects performed lo-fi electronic versions of Christmas songs wearing custom-made grey Santa suits. The footage is fleshed out with staged 'backstage’ scenes. The video was shown as part of an installation featuring detritus from the performance.


2002, performance, commissioned by Grizedale Arts

Four CD walkmans, each with a CD containing one part of a specially composed string quartet, were started simultaneously. The CDs were removed from the players one-by-one and holes were drilled in them before being placed back in the players. The CDs begin to skip and glitch, changing the music from a melodic composition to a digital noise piece. After a series of holes has been drilled in each CD the performance culminates with one of the CD players being drilled through, creating a climactic sound of digital noise and distortion.


2002, video 1 min, commissioned by Grizedale Arts

Stalker documents a deer hunter employed to control deer population levels in Grizedale forest (a Stalker) shooting a black-and-white video camera from the camera’s perspective.

Born in ‘82

2002 Video 6 mins, commissioned by Grizedale Arts

Born in '82 was produced in response to the Queen’s Golden Jubilee. The performance consists of an original copy of The Sex Pistols’ 'Never Mind The Bollocks’ being set on fire whilst playing the track 'God Save the Queen’ on a 12v record player.

Digital Shy

2001, performance, commissioned by Grizedale Arts

Digital Shy took the form of a fairground coconut shy with unwanted electrical and electronic items instead of coconuts. The items were powered up and arranged inside a tent and visitors paid 10p for three small logs to throw at the items.

Pastoral Ennui

2001, performance, commissioned by Grizedale Arts

A troop of Cub Scouts performed rural campfire-singalong versions of four urban and hip hop songs with Juneau Projects. The songs were ‘Ready or Not’ by the Fugees, 'Groovejet’ by Spiller, 'Unfinished Sympathy’ by Massive Attack and 'Better Off Alone’ by Alice Deejay.


2001, Video 8 mins, commissioned by Grizedale Arts

Walkman/lake documents a performance on Coniston Water in the Lake District. Coniston Water is the location of Donald Campbell’s fatal attempt to break the world water speed record in his boat the Bluebird.

The performance consists of a walkman playing Richard Strauss’s 'Metamorphosen’ being rowed out into the middle of Coniston Water and lowered into the lake. The sound of the walkman is fed directly into the camera filming the performance, documenting the walkman’s deterioration as water seeps into its workings.