Mosswerk - proposal

We have been shortlisted in the University of Birmingham Arts and Science Festival Sculpture Commission. We are proposing to build a wooden structure, covered with organic imagery created with staff and students at University of Birmingham.

The structure will be treated to encourage the growth of moss and other similar plants. We are interested in these tiny, often overlooked plants, and hope the sculpture will focus attention on their distinctive forms and ecological role.

Find out more about the proposals and vote for your favorite here.

The Wooden Node

2018, artists publication, commissioned by Lismore Castle Arts and Two Chairs in partnership with Meadows Bee Farm

Our recent publication is a sci fi story illustrated by participants at workshops we held with Lismore Castle Arts in Ireland and Two Chairs in Vermont, USA.

Riso printed by Rope Press in Birmingham.

For The Wooden Node we worked with participants in Lismore, Ireland and Windham, Vermont, USA. We ran lino printing workshops and asked the participants to make illustrations based on ideas we had for the story. Set in a world after the breakdown of technology, The Wooden Node tells the story of the spread of a new kind of fungus and how it adapts to its circumstances. The fungus begins by manipulating insects and animals and ends up shaping the actions of a whole village of people as they fall under its influence. Wooden sculptures and intelligent fungal networks meet in the landscape of the Infocalypse - the information apocalypse.

The workshops were organised with Lismore Castle Arts in Ireland, where we also held an exhibition of the prints created there, and with Two Chairs and Meadows Bee Farm in Vermont.

As part of the project we created a multiple that reflected the themes of the story. It was sold on our Kickstarter page to raise funds for the Vermont part of the project.

Rhoose Art Project

We are currently working on the Rhoose Art Project, working with local people in the town of Rhoose, Wales to create new pieces of public art for the Golwg Y Mor housing estate. The project is commissioned by Studio Response for Taylor Wimpey Homes, in partnership with the Vale of Glamorgan Council. See the project Facebook page for more info.