Juneau Projects Classics - a range of prints and bootleg artworks from over 20 years of our career.

Perton Library Nature Trail

April 2024 - April 2025, Natural England & Staffordshire Libraries

April 24

We worked with groups who use Perton library to create a nature trail that leads visitors from the library and around a nearby lake. The Men in Sheds group made artwork as well as bird and insect boxes, the art group made illustrations, rubbing designs and an insect cottage, the writers group wrote poems included in the trail leaflet, the craft group made tapestries, flags and artworks and pupils from Perton First School created wooden wildlife artwork. The trail highlight local species and encourages visitor to become active in creating space for nature.

Small Creature Of Avon Meadows - Exhibition

22 March 2024 - 2 March 2025, Meadow Arts & National Trust Croome

March 24

A series of bronze pieces made by members of Pershore Riverside Youth Centre are currently on display at Croome. They were made during our project there in 2022-23 where we explored the wildlife of nearby Avon Meadows together. Some of the sculptures were installed on the meadow as a permanent trail. The others were kept by the youth centre as display pieces and have previously been exhibited at The Hive, Worcester.

Perches and Flyways

20 October 2023 – 21 January 2024, Humber Street Gallery

October 2023

Perches and Flyways is now on at Humber Street Gallery. We worked with groups at Art Link Hull and Victoria House to make a series of ceramic bird sculptures. We worked with ceramicist Jenn Holtridge and Creative Connections artists Lynda, Lesley, James, Shirley, Jess, Emily, Suzella, Anthony, Jess and Bill to choose bird species that are spotted in the Hull and Humber area and sculpt them and their habitats from clay.

Thanks to all at Absolutely Cultured & Humber St Gallery, Artlink Hull and Victoria House Residential Home. Firing by Modern Clay

Workshop photos by Jenn Holtridge, Jemma Brown, Lauren Wilson, Alex Stubbs and Juneau Projects

Heart of the Moss

September 2023

We have been working on a new publication, made with local people in St Helens and Heart of Glass. The book celebrates Colliers Moss, and includes illustrations of the wildlife found there and ideas for activities on the Moss, all created by nearby residents.

Colliers Moss is an area of land in St Helens that was a spoil heap for the local coal mine and power station until the late 70s. Prior to that it was a peatland and it is currently undergoing work to restore the areas of sphagnum moss and its associated habitat.This work is being carried out by The Mersey Forest and Green Task Force

Small Creatures of Avon Meadows

February 2023

We have recently installed a trail of sculptures on Avon Meadows community wetlands in Pershore. We worked with Pershore Riverside Youth Centre, Meadow Arts and Wychavon District Council to create the sculptures. We ran a series of workshops for the young people from the youth centre, learning about the wildlife that lives on the meadows and making artworks inspired by the ecology of the area. The sculptures were made in wax by the young people and cast in bronze. They are located throughout the meadows.

Bronze casting by The Portable Foundry Project

Bryophyte Club

October 2022

We are currently working with UWE Bristol and Arnolfini to create a new public sculpture working with staff and students as well as local residents. We're running a series of workshops to develop designs for the piece - for more info see our project web page.

Green Libraries

October 2022

We are working with Staffordshire Libraries to run a series of workshops and create an craft kit looking at issues of climate change and recycling. We worked with Perton Library Craft Group to develop a rag rug making craft kit. The group were interested in the issue of textile waste and wrote a short text about it which was included in the kit. The kit will be available from selected libraries in Staffordshire and distributed at workshops. We will also be making useful pots from laser cutting scrap (that we have a lot of in our studio!) at the workshops.

Chapel Market Print Club - Prints now available online

October 2022

Prints from the project are now available to buy online via the Kelder Shop. Just £10 for an A3 risograph print created by one of the print club members!

Chapel Market Print - ClubMarket Stall Now Open!

July 2022

The Chapel Market Print Club stall is open on Friday and Saturday until the 6th August. Find us on Chapel Market, outside KELDER, Basement of Mercer & Co, 26A Chapel Market, London, N1 9EN. Riso prints made by the club members showing produce and scenes from Chapel Market will be for sale. There is also an updated version of the exhibition in KELDER featuring prints from all the workshop sessions.


The Social Value of Market Spaces

Alex Rhys-Taylor in conversation with Juneau Projects

Friday 22 July, 18:30–20:30 at KELDER

Sociologist Dr Alex-Rhys Taylor joins Juneau Projects and Chapel Market Print Club members to discuss the market as a source of creative inspiration, the qualities of interaction and exchange taking place within daily street markets and their social and cultural importance for urban life, both historically and today.

Everyday Creativity and Mental Health

Phoebe Eustance (Hospital Rooms) in conversation with Juneau Projects and Sarah Lee

Tuesday 09 August 18:30–20:30 at The Claremont Project, 24 White Lion Street, London N1 9PD

Phoebe Eustance, head of research at Hospital Rooms, joins the artist-facilitators of Chapel Market Print Club to consider the impact of the project, share examples of creative interventions in mental health settings, and to discuss the value of art and shared creative experiences for people living with mental health difficulties.

Chapel Market Print Club

June 2022

We are working with Kelder, Emily Ballard and Sarah Lee on Chapel Market Print Club, a collective Riso printing workshop with local people. The project takes its themes from the historic Chapel Market in Islington, where Kelder is based. Members of Claremont Project are creating a series of print editions, which are updated in the gallery at Kelder after each session and will be available for sale on the market at the end of the project.

Photo on left by Ben Westoby

Time for Nature now on in Coventry

May 2022

Our new Coventry City of Culture project Time for Nature is now installed in Spon End, Coventry. It features twelve clocks with ceramic faces made by local groups. They are based on wildlife that will be encouraged to live along the river Sherbourne with improvements to the habitat that will be made by Warwickshire Wildlife Trust's upcoming Sherbourne Valley Project. 

Download a trail map and activity book here. Printed activity books are also available from venues in the area.

There Is Another Alphabet, Whitby

March 2022

We've just finished working on a series of sculptural benches, in collaboration with local people in Whitby, as part of the Invisible Dust Wild Eye programme.

The project is based on water quality data gathered by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust on the Esk estuary, which has good quality upstream and is home to rare species such as the freshwater pearl mussel, but has issues with pollution in the harbour area.

We worked with people from the town to come up with ideas for a piece of public art that could draw attention to this issue in some way. We developed the workshop ideas into a proposal for a series of sculptural benches depicting wildlife above and below water at different stages of the Esk. The illustrations were made by local people in a second set of workshops, based on species suggested by Whitby Naturalists Society.

The benches are custom-sized Cheddar Golden bricks, generously made for us by Ibstock Brick Cattybrook and coloured with underglaze.

The project is a partnership with Invisible Dust, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and Scarborough District Council.

Photos 1-4 by Richard Ponter

Milton Keynes Arts Centre Family and Schools Art Activities

We have been working with Milton Keynes Arts Centre on a programme of workshops and events that culminated in the production of two activity packs; one for schools and one for families. The workshops centered around Great Linford Manor Park, where the Arts Centre is located. We took inspiration from the things people made in the workshops and their experiences of nature and the park to create the activity kits, which can be picked up from the Arts Centre.

Photos left 1-2 & right 7-9 by Chris Henley 

Spon End Wildlife Workshops

If you are in the Spon End area of Coventry join us for free wildlife inspired art workshops for families and adults.

Wednesday 16th Feb, 11am-1pm or 2-4pm, Saturday 19th Feb, 11am-1pm or 2-4pm

Koco Community Centre, 15 Arches, Spon End, CV1 3JQ

Make and paint a Spon End wildlife inspired sculpture from laser cut wooden shapes.

Then come back on Sunday 20th Feb, 2pm for a walk with Warwickshire Wildlife Trust to explore wildlife and habitat on the River Sherbourne in Spon End and make a display with your wildlife sculpture along the river banks!

Book a free place at

Green Futures Spon End 

We are working on a new project for Coventry City Of Culture looking at the wildlife of the Spon End area of Coventry. We'll be working with local people to learn about the animals and plants in the area and along the river Sherbourne and what could be possible if the wildlife was made more welcome. In partnership with Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.

Esk Estuary Public Art Workshops

If you are in the Whitby area join in with our workshops on 8th & 9th February.

Book a place via Eventbrite here: Tuesday 8th Feb - lino cutting, Wednesday 9th Feb - brush and ink illustrations 

As part of our project with Wild Eye (see below) we are running design workshops in Whitby to create the wildlife images that will be included in the forthcoming sculpture. 

Wild Eye Project, Whitby

We are working with Invisible Dust and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust on a new public art project in Whitby. We are currently working on a series of workshops with local people to design the piece. This project and the planned sculptures aim to raise awareness of water quality issues in the Esk and the impact of pollution on wildlife, as part of the Wild Eye programme. See here for more info. 

Dynamic Dunescapes, Lincolnshire

November 2021

We worked the Dynamic Dunescapes project to create a hand panted animation of Lincolnshire’s sand dunes.  We worked remotely with schools, community groups and care homes, where each participant painted a frame of the animation each, based on footage of the landscape and wildlife.

Crafting Communities, 2021

Crafting Communities is a project by Staffordshire Libraries in multiple venues throughout Staffordshire. During September and October 2021 we worked with Perton Library, Perton Craft Group and local residents to create a range of local products sold via a bespoke shop stall housed at the library. The craft group also devised and made a series of free 'Have A Go' craft kits which were distributed via the stall. The products were sold to raise money to produce more free art kits, and were mostly Riso-printed paper products such as cards and a calendar. We had great fun working with the group to come up with different Riso prints and ideas for things to make with them.

Shoreline, Skyline, Treetop Messenger

Out Now!

Our new publication Shoreline, Skyline, Treetop Messenger is out now. Produced with Invisible Dust and North Lincolnshire Museum, the book is inspired by the museum's bird specimen collection and local bird life of the North Lincolnshire and Humber estuary area. The book contains texts by scientists Lucas Mander, Dr Nicola Hemmings and Tim Birkhead FRS and illustrations by people in the local area, created in workshops with Juneau Projects. Local photographers provided images of habitats for the book as well as bird photos that were used as inspiration in the workshops along with images from the museums collection.

The book is risograph printed by the artists. Copies are available for £5 (UK) and £8 (Worldwide) including postage. Purchase via Paypal with the button below.

Copies will be available from North Lincolnshire Museum once it reopens.

Trumpington Meadows Primary School

We are working with Trumpington Meadows Primary School in Cambridge to create a sculpture for their outdoor space. We've carried out workshops with the whole school to come up with ideas for the piece, which will be a series of coloured sculptures that can double as an outdoor display space, a space for play or quiet contemplation.

The students created bird sculptures in wax, inspired by the nearby nature reserve, which will be cast in bronze and attached to the playground structures.

Commissioned by Commission Projects, concrete fabrication by Concrete Carrot, bronze casting and wax modelling workshop by The Portable Foundry Project.

Katharine Wade
Dale Fearnley & Laura Mahoney
Nikki Sheth

Laser cutting for artists - Join us for a free workshop - October 2020

Learn to design for laser cutting online and have your design sent to you after the workshop! No experience needed, ideal for artists, makers or anyone who is curious about using laser cutting creatively.

An opportunity to explore laser cutting as a means of developing ideas and objects, from hand drawing to finished design. In a fun, easy going online session we'll show you the basics of designing for laser cutting using free software Inkscape. We'll laser cut your design and send it to you after the workshop - no experience necessary!

Workshops will be held on Zoom,  2-4pm 22nd, 23rd, 27th, 28th October. Each workshop will be the same, so you only need to book one.

Book via Eventbrite here:   22nd  October     23rd  October    27th  October    28th October

ACE funded - part of A3 Project Space 'Participate' programme.

Join us for an online conversation with bird scientist Dr Nicola Hemmings and launch of our new project with Invisible Dust and North Lincolnshire Museum!

Thursday 15 October 2020 ,18:00 – 19:15 BST

See more info and book a place via Eventbrite here.

Photos by Nick Harrison

August - September 2020 - Are you in the North Lincolnshire & Humber area?

Join in with a series of bird illustration workshops to make a new publication and sculpture for North Lincolnshire Museum - click here for more information.

The Most Faithful Bearer of Man's Message, The Burton Art Gallery and Museum, Bideford, 2020

The exhibition and publication launch took place on the 11th March. We worked with local people and visitors to create illustrations of the Museum’s RJ Lloyd Ceramics Collection. The collection is made up of over 500 ceramic pieces of predominantly North Devon Slipware dating from the late 1600’s to the 1970’s. We ran workshops in lino printing, drawing and collage with both adults and young people, who produced around 200 illustrations during the course of our residency. We designed and printed a risograph publication containing all of the illustrations and an exhibition of the prints, drawings and collages alongside the ceramics that inspired them. A number of the illustrations were turned into large vinyl prints that were displayed on the gallery walls.

Specular Reflecular, Moseley Road Baths, Birmingham & Trust New Art, 2020

Specular Reflecular opened at Moseley Road Baths on the 4th March. We worked with hundreds of local people to create a hand-painted animation that celebrates Moseley Road Baths and the community that surrounds it. People from a wide range of backgrounds and ages attended workshops and made individual frames for the animation by painting over live-action footage of local swimmers. Each frame reflects the personality and style of its local creator. Combined, they create an ever-changing collage of colours, light and water.

The piece was shown the Gala Pool at Moseley Road Baths, which has undergone recent refurbishment and will be used as a community event space. The second pool holds water and is used by a wide range of groups and individuals for swimming. 

Thank you to the organisations who have hosted workshops and made this project possible: The National Trust / Trust New Art, Moseley Road Baths, including swimming groups, staff & volunteers and Chat & Splash group, Balsall Heath Library, MAC, Clifton Primary School & Parents Group, Percy Shurmer Academy, Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College, Balsall Heath Children Action Team Support, Bahu Trust, The GAP and Artefact. Special thanks to Moseley Shoals swimming group for letting us film them for the source footage. Interpretation and logo Design by Kerry Leslie.

Photos by James Benwell  (West Midlands Photo Collective Instagram / Facebook) Part of Trust New Art, the National Trust’s programme of contemporary arts and is funded by Arts Council England. 

The soundtrack to the animation is now available to stream or download free from Bandcamp.

The Wooden Node - new green edition for the Coventry Biennial 2019

We have made a new edition of our collaborative publication The Wooden Node. The publication, along with a selection of prints from the project are on show at the Coventry Biennial. 4th Oct - 24th Nov 2019

This edition is currently sold out.

Set in a world after the breakdown of technology, "The Wooden Node" tells the story of the spread of a new kind of fungus and how it adapts to its circumstances. The fungus begins by manipulating insects and animals and ends up shaping the actions of a whole village of people as they fall under its thrall. Wooden sculptures and intelligent fungal networks meet in the landscape of the Infocalypse - the information apocalypse.

The original project was made with Lismore Castle Arts in Ireland and Two Chairs and Meadows Bee Farm in Vermont.

This second edition is risograph printed by ourselves in green ink.


We are currently working on a commission for the University of Birmingham Arts and Science Festival Sculpture Commission. We will be building a wooden structure, covered with organic imagery created with staff and students at University of Birmingham as well as the public, through a series of workshops. The workshop schedule will be announced soon.

The structure will be treated to encourage the growth of moss and other similar plants.  We are interested in these tiny, often overlooked plants, and hope the sculpture will focus attention on their distinctive forms and ecological role.

The Wooden Node

2018, artists publication, commissioned by Lismore Castle Arts and Two Chairs in partnership with Meadows Bee Farm

Our recent publication is a sci fi story illustrated by participants at workshops we held with Lismore Castle Arts in Ireland and Two Chairs in Vermont, USA. 

Riso printed by Rope Press in Birmingham.

For The Wooden Node we worked with participants in Lismore, Ireland and Windham, Vermont, USA. We ran lino printing workshops and asked the participants to make illustrations based on ideas we had for the story. Set in a world after the breakdown of technology, The Wooden Node tells the story of the spread of a new kind of fungus and how it adapts to its circumstances. The fungus begins by manipulating insects and animals and ends up shaping the actions of a whole village of people as they fall under its influence. Wooden sculptures and intelligent fungal networks meet in the landscape of the Infocalypse - the information apocalypse.

The workshops were organised with Lismore Castle Arts in Ireland, where we also held an exhibition of the prints created there, and with Two Chairs and Meadows Bee Farm in Vermont.

As part of the project we created a multiple that reflected the themes of the story. It was sold on our Kickstarter page to raise funds for the Vermont part of the project.

Rhoose Art Project

We are currently working on the Rhoose Art Project, working with local people in the town of Rhoose, Wales to create new pieces of public art for the Golwg Y Mor housing estate. The project is commissioned by Studio Response for Taylor Wimpey Homes, in partnership with the Vale of Glamorgan Council. See the project Facebook page for more info.