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Images and video of our most recent piece ‘Gleaners of the Infocalypse’ at the Tatton Park Biennial.

The piece features a post-apocalyptic wildlife artists studio built in the tail section of a commercial aircraft. It set in a time after a worldwide information disaster has brought society as we know it to an end. The aircraft has been re-purposed as a studio where the inhabitants paint images of the deer that surround them.

The term Infocalypse comes from Neal Stephenson’s novel Snow Crash. The piece is influenced by Jean-François Millet and the the Barbizon school’s approach to en plein air painting, in particular Millet’s 1857 painting The Gleaners. The stag on the tail of the aircraft was painted in situ using scaffolding and brushes attached to poles.

You can see details of the piece being installed and painted here: juneauprojectsblog.tumblr.com

'Gleaners of the Infocalypse' is a new commission for the 2012 Tatton Park Biennial. The piece was installed and supported by Retro Aviation. www.retroaviation.com

Tatton Park Biennial: Flights of Fancy, Tatton Park, Cheshire, UK www.tattonparkbiennial.org
12 May — 30 September, 2012

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